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Marc Jancou Contemporary presents a curated exhibition of works on paper by Sherrie Levine from her series After Egon Schiele in Rossinière, Switzerland as part of OFFSITE: CHALET.

Sherrie Levine (b.1947) is an American conceptual artist known for her multiple series' of works appropriating the work of prominent male artists, most famously her series After Walker Evans made in 1981 where she rephotographed and represented the work of Walker Evans.

This exhibition will bring together works on paper from Levine's series After Egon Schiele made between 1984 and 1985 which reproduce works by Egon Schiele made around the time of 1917 with graphite, pencil, and watercolor.

This series demonstrates the intimate process of one artist tracing the hand of another. Levine has described the replicating the works of Schiele, especially his self-portraits which feature prominently in this exhibition as surrogate self-portraits of  Levine herself. When they were originally exhibited at Nature Morte Gallery in 1985, they were shown with reproductions of work by Kazmir Malevich also originally made in 1917, to show the contrast of styles that developed simultaneously in the early 20th century. Levine's series After Egon Schiele can also be read through a lens of theoretical feminism, looking both at the difference of the way these works are read when they are executed by a male or female artist, but also looking critically at the sexual themes of Schiele's original work.

Marc Jancou is pleased to present a selection of works from this series in the intimate location of a chalet in Rossinière. With close proximity to the Grand Chalet, the residence of Balthus, this exhibition will provide the opportunity to critically reflect on the changing role of the sexuality and gender in art, as well as how the post-modernist ideas brought forward by the Levine in the 1980's are relevant to contemporary art and society.