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The exhibition "What's old is old for a dog" is Curated by Kim Nguyen and organized by Leila Grothe.

There are rules. There always have been. Rules that determine the parameters of what is enough and what isn't. There are rules that say who is allowed inside that are different than the rules that define who gets to stay. It is still foolish to believe that admission, acceptance, and success in the art world are detached from race, class, and gender. It remains disappointing that this realization does nothing to mitigate the demoralizing effects of living with this knowledge, or the constant anxiety that comes with adhering to the endless social rules and economic expectations once inside. Yet somehow, for many of us, it is better to be of this place, than on the outskirts of it. And choosing to be of this place is also choosing a life of fraudulence. But what happens when the real seeps through?