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Selected Works

Simone Fattal, L’Arbre Rouge, 1971,

Simone Fattal

L’Arbre Rouge, 1971,

Oil on canvas, 47 x 39 cm

Press Release

Fattal's works emerge from the places and people of her life, as well as from the epic narrative she studies. In looking at art and culture produce in the ancient world, Fattal makes essential comparisons to the current moment, and the displacements and wars she has experienced run throughout her works. She reaches through time to address the present.

Excerpt of Simone Fattal: 'Warriors and Poets' of Simone Fattal: Works and Days MoMA PS1 Exhibition Catalogue (p.9), by Ruba Katrib (2019)

Simone Fattal was born in 1942 in Damascus (Syria) and lived her early life in Beirut (Lebanon). After studying philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris, she returned to Beirut in 1969 to begin her career as a painter.

She lives with poet and artist Etel Adnan, with whom she left to California in 1980, to escape the turmoil in Lebanon. There, Fattal enrolled in The Art Institute of California, developing her works in clay and ceramics.

Simone Fattal currently lives and works Paris.

Fattal's work has been exhibited in some of the most prestigious museums and foundations. In 2019 a retrospective of her work, Works and Days, was presented at the Museum of Modern Art's MoMA PS1.