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Selected Works

Marta Naturale, Meriggio, 2023, Oil on slate, 18 x 24 cm, Image © the artist

Marta Naturale, Meriggio, 2023, Oil on slate, 18 x 24 cm

Image © the artist

Press Release

From the 10th of June to the 9th of July, Marc Jancou Contemporary presents the first solo show of Marta Naturale in Switzerland, which follows her exhibition Portfolio at the Museo di Roma, Palazzo Braschi as part of the 2023 Quadriennale of Rome.

Drawing on her everyday surroundings and the spaces she encounters daily, the artist presents a series of new paintings and drawings of silent, domestic interiors devoid of human presence.

Zooming in on specific aspects of rooms and interior fittings and furnishings, Naturale’s images are reminiscent of cropped film stills, characterised by a sense of interiority and containment. The world beyond is also present, albeit tenuously, on the other side of thresholds, usually doors and windows, peering in through the curtains and shutters, and conditioning the experience of the space within, softening the almost palpable darkness.


The exhibition is on view 24/7 from Saanen train station’s platform or by appointment. 

For additional information or appointments to visit the show please contact us at

The Saanen Vitrine, Saanen train station, 3792 Saanen, Switzerland.